Limited Poolsのオンラインショップが公開されました!

Limited Pools online shop is now open!

The Limited Pools online shop is finally open to the public.

I work diligently and with all my heart every day.

I originally started playing music as a musician when I was a young teenager, and after continuing with music for about 15 years, I gave up on the career of music.

For a long time after that, I thought about how I could communicate with people around the world based on the worldview I had, and I blindly acquired various lessons and skills, wondering if there was something I could devote myself to. I tried, but this is it! Days passed by without being able to find what I wanted.

While I was experimenting with this and that, I realized it was time to start making handmade products. When I connect parts to create my own work, this might be it. . I suddenly felt that.

I was happy to see what I came up with gradually take shape, so I bought a lot of beads and natural stones and just tied them together to make a lot of earrings and necklaces.

By the time I had made a lot of them, I was completely hooked on making accessories.

His creativity never stopped, and he was no longer satisfied with commercially available parts, so he started wanting to create his own parts. How do you make original parts? . This is where my long, long journey began (lol).

Apparently it's a metal engraving class. However, no matter which school you go to, they will only let you do the basics for a while. . . The time has passed when I was really frustrated because it cost me so much money and time (lol). I wonder if everyone will progress little by little like this. .

Even if I changed schools, production wouldn't progress very well, and I don't think I'll be able to make original parts anymore. I think it won't be until you're around 60 that you'll be able to make it. . That's when I felt like that! It would be no exaggeration to say that this was a fateful encounter: I met the teacher who taught me how to make accessories.

I lived in New York, USA, for nine years in my 20s, and the teacher was also in New York a lot longer than me, and everything was very efficient! He listened to all my requests with a way of thinking that was not bound by rules. On the way home from the lesson, I was just feeling grateful.

Although this brand is still in its infancy, I use my imagination to the fullest as I create products every day, thinking about how the people who wear them will feel.

I strive to create happy accessories that make you feel reassuring when you wear them, and that lift your mood every day.

I hope you all enjoy wearing this accessory! !

Midori Tamura

Limited Pools

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