About Limited Pools

Limited Pools is a jewelry brand launched by Midori Tamura, who was active in the design field in New York.

Our goal is to create accessories that can be worn like a talisman, with the hope that each day will be a joy for a woman who radiates light and is confident.

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This collection is based on the concept of acquiring words that you always want to remember, and we have put our thoughts into accessories.
Are there any words that give you courage or energy just by remembering them?

Live with Dream
Just want to be sincere
No Rain, No Rainbow
Freedom! Sun! Peace

I am working diligently to create these accessories with the hope that they will be carried around like talismans and that they will give you a boost of courage. Various words are engraved on the accessories. You can create your own custom jewelry by combining jewelry charms with each word written on them.
I hope everyone enjoys wearing this jewelry.

Midori Tamura

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