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Circle "Just want to be sincere & small leaf" (Silver)

Circle "Just want to be sincere & small leaf" (Silver)

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A double charm necklace with a circle necklace that says "Just want to be sincere" and a charm with a small leaf motif.

People say that looking at a circle makes them feel calm. drawn in a circle We hope that the charm that says "Just want to be sincere" and the small leaf charm will heal people's hearts. The cursive message creates a casual feel.

The chain is long and looks great with simple clothes. You can also layer it with short necklaces for a variety of styles.

There are many ways to apply it, so please have fun layering it.

Made of 925 silver material that is less likely to cause metal allergies, so you can avoid itching even when you sweat.

Materials: Silver 925
Size: 56.5cm
Country of origin: Japan

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Silver 925について




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