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"Sincere" Necklace (Gold)

"Sincere" Necklace (Gold)

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The word "Sincere" is engraved on it. It was created with the wish to always keep in mind the desire to see things straight and to have a strong heart that is unfazed by anything.

A talisman-like coin necklace with a laurel pattern surrounding the words, giving you a sacred feeling.

I added it to my collection because I thought it was one of those words that I felt reassuring when I learned it.

Gold is a material whose light becomes deeper as you use it.

Made of 925 silver material that is less likely to cause metal allergies, so you can avoid itching even when you sweat.

Materials: Silver 925 (Gold: 18KGP coating)
Size: 48.5cm (with 5cm adjuster)
Country of origin: Japan

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Silver 925について




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