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"Twisted Stars" Necklace

"Twisted Stars" Necklace

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Stars scattered in the sky. Under a starry sky, I feel like I'm running aimlessly from the urge to chase a shooting star.

When I suddenly looked at my feet, I saw a piece of star that looked like it had fallen from the sky.

Wear a star shard so that you won't forget the thrilling and exciting feeling of that day, and make a wish that you can keep that feeling.

Pick up a star fragment necklace filled with such a girl's heart and make a wish. May your wishes come true.

Gold is a material whose light becomes deeper as you use it.

Made of 925 silver material that is less likely to cause metal allergies, so you can avoid itching even when you sweat.

Materials: Silver 925 (Gold: 18KGP coating)
Size: 48.5cm (with 5cm adjuster)
Country of origin: Japan

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Silver 925について




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